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I got my Bachelors Degree in Child Development and worked with kids for many years prior to having my own. I never imagined I would have a family of SEVEN, but here I am, loving every minute of it. I cannot call myself an expert but

I love helping people live their best life, raise good people, and have FUN while doing it!

My life is the unmistakable byproduct of God’s amazing love and grace. Despite my every effort to screw up my life, He protected me, molded me and taught me along the way.

I am a recovering victim of overbearing self consciousness, spiral perms, filter lacking, resting bitch face possessing, tell em like it is personality. 

I have always believed in God but I met and married a man that by his mere existence,  further proved to me that not only is God real- but He loves me so much He made a man whose soul knows mine. 

I’m a hustlin, rule enforcin’, dance party having, straight talking mommy to four (now five) of the coolest kids I ever knew. 

While I’m not a religious person, at all. I am an unashamed, hard core Jesus groupie. I love who He is, what He taught, the way He treated others. I love Him so much my heart could explode. He is my Lord and savior. 

Never in a million years did I expect my life to look like this. Not one thing went the way I thought it would. God really does have the best plans of all. 

Kelly Coleman Family Portrait