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Love Languages

You know what is overwhelming? Parenting. Like seriously. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think “parenting” was like a whole thing 40 years ago. Now people have entire #parenting styles. There are books and conferences. So many opinions, so many options.

I mean not only do I need to make sure these kids are alive and healthy, but I’m juggling sports schedules, doing well in school, friend choices, spiritual development, global awareness and overall character. Never mind the fact that each one of these little humans are different and therefore requires a different approach.
The one thing I think I have going for me for sure is that years ago I took the time to figure out their love languages.
If you are not familiar with #thefivelovelanguages I seriously encourage you to look it up. The book was originally meant for couples but has grown to include all kinds of relationships. There is even a quiz online you can have the kids take. (I had a great time quizzing mine). And no, this is not an ad, It was just life changing for us.

As luck would have it, five kids had five different languages. I kid you not!

So today when I knew my littlest man was feeling ho hum, I was able to rearrange my day to come to his school for lunch. (Actually he has asked me all week to come to lunch with him). Quality time is far and away his love language and with so many kids and our ridiculous busy schedule, it can be very hard to carve out the time he needs. So a 20 minute lunch date it is!

His little face was so happy to see me and he thanked me sincerely for coming. Love tank filled!

There are so many things I cannot shortcut. In fact most everything involving raising kids involves maximum effort. So finding simple ways to work smarter not harder, is a WIN!

Now off to grab a small “prize” for another one, help another with a chore, encourage the other with words and cuddle the mess out of the youngest! All in a days work.

Love your people well.