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I will not fill out your forms…

Why I won’t fill out their forms…and other ways I pass the buck.
As much fun as it would be to write my children’s name, address, insurance info, doctors phone number on ten different sheets…TIMES FOUR KIDS… I refuse.
While my littlest ones haven’t quite got the handwriting dexterity down… the older two have been on it since the 3rd and 4th grade respectively.
1. It’s good practice for them.
2. I don’t want to do it.
3. My husband and I are busy!
4. I believe it creates independence and a sense of capability in them and starts them on a road in life where they do things for themselves.
I firmly believe it’s the culmination of all these little things we practice with our kids that creates the broader, well rounded person they grow up to be. People that can handle their business.
So as the school year ramps up for many of us I want to offer you this small bit of respite: you don’t have to do everything for them. In fact I’d argue it will be better for them if you don’t. (We can talk about packing lunches another week 😜 I’ll ease you in)

Doing more by doing less! #WINNING!

We’ve got this.