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Back to School PSA

It’s that time of year again! Fresh backpacks. New pencils. And all the excitement of seeing old friends.
Unless of course you have none. In which case you may be sick to your stomach about the start of a new year.

Due to the way life went, when I was a kid I found myself at a brand new elementary school EVERY YEAR. That’s 6 years of being the new kid. Ultimately it formed character in me that I wouldn’t trade, but man it was tough as a naturally introverted, shy kid.
Yesterday I forged my kids with this mission for the week: every room you walk into, look for the odd kid out. The lonely one no one is talking to. Go out of your way to make them feel seen and included. We talked about what a difference that can make in someone’s day, and life, and how we would want someone to do that for us. Crazy as it is- I still remember each and every kid that did that for me (it wasn’t every year I was that lucky).

Today at back to school morning, Mekhi introduced himself to a new boy. He was nervous to do it. Asked me if it was weird. Nope. And I believe that kind of practice is as good for the person who puts themselves out there as for the one who receives it.
Remind your kids that there are some kids just sick to their stomachs about the start of school. Talk about inclusion. Tell them to look for the lost ones. This world has proven to be a crazy place. Let’s make it better wherever we can.
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