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How do you do it all?

“How do you do it all? I could never…”

That’s a phrase I hear constantly. Mostly from other moms and in relation to juggling all my kids, their schedules, my marriage, my volunteer  work and budding career schedule. 

My answer is simple. I just do. >>>KINDA<<< In the same way anyone does the things that matter to them. I prioritize, and get to work. 

And I think that’s the greatest SECRET in this #comparison culture we live in. No one is doing it ALL. Despite how it may look.  I’m not doing it ALL. Regardless of how together we seem. 

I’m doing what matters to ME. In order.

If I were doing it ALL, my socks would all have a mate. Dinner wouldn’t be my CONSTANT nemesis. My kids lunches would be infinitely more creative and I definitely wouldn’t have grass spread all over the trunk of my car from whatever sports practice I just left… year round. 

I think so often it’s easy to look around and think everyone has it figured out but us. That their ISH is all the way handled and we’re the only joker that can’t find 20 minutes to listen to our kid read, or wake up an hour early to get a good workout before the kids are up or work begins. 

But we’re not. 

Figure out what matters to you, and knock that out of the park. Let the rest go. No one is doing it ALL.  Promise. 

Let them have their beachbody and mealprep and their super clean stove and their perfectly paired socks…and their corporate ladder climb. 

I’ll be over here with a glass of wine, making tostadas 2 nights in a row. Listening to my teenager spill his guts and helping my kindergartner paint flowers on her toe nails…because it turns out- that’s what really matters to ME.

Doing it all and having it all looks different to everyone. Once I figured out I just have to do the things that matter to us…I was FREE!

“I don’t know how you do it all…” well, secrets out. I’m not. No one is. Not even Beyonce. She’s got staff for that.


You’ve got it more together than you think, sis.  Promise.