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The Lonely Seasons

When my kids were all young, I was exceptionally lonely. Easily the loneliest season of my whole life. 

My husband had a job that had him gone SIX DAYS a week. We moved to the middle of nowhere, where we knew no one. And I stopped working altogether. 

Big kids were in school. The little’s had nap schedules. It was just more manageable to rarely leave the neighborhood. Some days, the house. 

But in that loneliness, something else was happening. Relationships inside my home were growing. I really got to know my kids. Like really understand them and their growing personalities. And they got to know me too.  We hunkered down and waited out “the storm” that was life, together. And in doing so, built a closeness that can’t be broken. 

I know there are many a mamas out there that feel so alone. So isolated. Some seasons are so painfully secluded. If not physically, like mine, then certainly emotionally. 

What I know now is this; those are the building years. Whether it’s building the lifelong friendships in your four walls. Or building a strength inside you, you will need in order to walk this motherhood path… it’s not for nothing.

Every season is a teacher. I know this now more than ever. Don’t try to rush through it. There are things you will pick up in this season that will literally carry you in others. 

I look back on those painful days, now years removed, and have the oddest most heart warming memories. I understand now what was happening there. Both in me and with my kids. I would never ever go back, but I wouldn’t take it back for the world. 

Lean in on the hard days mamas. You’ll be happy you did.