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Praying with your kids

Last night as I crawled in to bed- sick with a head cold and worried about it affecting my presentation tonight… two of my little munchkins came to tell me goodnight.

As I was giving them my list of everything that hurts (my youngest got her drama from her mama!) I remembered to have them pray for me!

In full disclosure this is nothing new for my family. I’ve been praying for my kids aloud since birth and having them pray for me, their dad and each other as soon as they could talk. We pray for people we know, people we don’t know…sometimes the little ones will pray about children in far off countries or situations they have only heard about.

My point I guess is this: kids are spiritual beings. Well, we all are, and age doesn’t disqualify that. In fact I would probably argue kids may have the advantage because they have such amazing faith.

So last night my kids surrounded me, laid their little hands on my shoulders and said the sweetest prayers. My son was so specific “God give her confidence and no nervous feelings” and my daughter is so thorough covering every scenario.

And today…my cold is subsiding and my nerves nonexistent. But more important than that- I’m more bonded with my kids. They know I value and trust them. They know I’m human with my own set of worries and concerns. They aren’t afraid to speak aloud to God and therefore strengthening that relationship too.

If you don’t pray with your kids, or have them pray aloud with you- I’d encourage you to start. It will be silly and awkward and far from perfect to begin … and then it will be normal and habit and precious.

It’s never too late to start.