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Father’s Day Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything

If the men in your life are anything like the men in my life- they are extremely difficult to buy gifts for.

If my husband wants something, he usually doesn’t say a word and goes out and gets it. (Ummm, frustrating) My own father could definitely be described as “the guy who has everything”.  This is enough to make a girl crazy when holidays, birthdays or any other gift giving occasion arrives.  I’ve found that when you can’t go material, you go sentimental. Today I’m sharing some of the very best gifts I’ve put together for the men in my life.


1. My favorite and most simple gift was for my Dad’s 50th birthday. I put together all my loving thoughts in a sweet letter, printed it on beautiful cardstock paper and framed it. Nearly twenty years later, that framed letter still sits on his desk and is regarded as one of his favorite gifts of all time.2. Stolen idea: a year of dates for my husband. Full disclosure this one is straight up stolen from my super creative bff.  This year my husband will be getting a year’s worth of preplanned, scheduled dates, presented to him in a creative calendar like book.  This can be as extravagant (think hot air balloons) or conservative (picnic in the park, or a movie on a Saturday night) as you wish, but the idea is that once a month, for a year, there is a preplanned and scheduled date to look forward to.  I know this is a great gift to give because it’s one I would love to receive!  Plus, putting your marriage first never did anyone wrong.                                       

<no picture was post ready, my apologies>                                                       

3. For Father’s Day a few years back, I was plumb out of ideas for my Dad. I wasn’t going to spring for the $1000 golf club I know he would want so I had to go dig deep into my heart and memory bank.  I ended up creating a “memory jar” for him.  I decorated a mason jar and filled it with individual papers all citing funny stories or memories from my childhood.  Things as a parent you often forget, but when brought to memory serves as a pleasant trip down memory lane.  My dad sat in his chair and chuckled as he opened each “memory” or story about himself.  My mom said he loved it and was grinning ear to ear.  What else could I ask for?4. Interview the kids! When in doubt, kids are full of content.  We all love getting those little forms from our preschoolers, the ones that say we are 101 years old and our favorite thing to do is sleep and drink wine. (Wait- is that just MY kids???)  The internet is full of these printable forms and grandparents LOVE to receive that stuff.  Also a simple “I love my Dad because…” project from the kids goes a long way.  I’ve made those for my own Dad well into my 30’s!  I love this one from www.skiptomylou.com5. Video Montage! It’s the technological age people! In my family we are all suckers for a good imovie full of pictures or interview or anything else you could think to compile.  We made an amazing anniversary tribute video for my parents for their 40th wedding anniversary.  It included loads of old photos and commentary from all ten of their grandkids!  I know they treasure it because they are always showing it to their friends.  My kids switched it up on me this year by making me my very own Mother’s Day video.  I will treasure it forever.  Since my son published it on YouTube, you can view it too!  Yikes! 



Obviously I’m a sucker for words and a creative gift from the heart.  I give presents I would like to receive.  When looking for a gift for the person that has everything…you just have to dig deep and get your craft on!  If you have other great ideas or suggestions, please send them my way. I’m always looking for new ways to give a meaningful gift!


Two weeks till Father’s Day, let’s get busy!