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Stretching yourself

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When you become a mother so much of your life is focused on other people.  For most of us women, we immerse ourselves in the needs of those around us- physical, mental and emotional.  Are the kids growing and maturing? Are they well rounded and well versed? Are they feeling both challenged and successful?


It’s easy in the world of parenting to neglect your own growth.  To set aside the things that excite you and certainly to cease all risk-taking.


When I began blogging on my own in December 2017, I began because so many people had asked me for tips and tricks since I run a tight ship with multiple children.  I thought, hey, rather than numerous text exchanges and coffee dates, let me just answer the questions and post them on the internet! (I’m still open to texts and coffee dates by the way.)


And after a few of those, I felt a little more led to share more of my heart, and more of my journey.  A little more of what makes me so passionate about families, marriage, and parenting.  How God saved me a hundred times from my own stupid self but let me feel the fire at my feet first.


Last week an amazing woman named Camille from Wichita, Kansas messaged me on Instagram. She said she would love to interview me for her podcast.  I read the words and instantly sweated through my shirt and felt a little pukey.  So, I knew, obviously, I had to do it.  I would tell each one of my kids to look fear in the face and eat it for lunch…so naturally, I’m responsible to live that out for them.


Earlier this week that podcast came to fruition.  I was nervous, I was way far out of my comfort zone, but I did it!


I invite you to take a listen now as Camille and I (Unicorn Lane Studios) talk mothering, adoption, multiracial issues and raising brown kids in today’s world.


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