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Plan vs Purpose; and Overthinking it All

I’ve been wrestling lately with “purpose” and “plans”. My kids are all becoming school aged. My teens are becoming more independent (praise God) and life is just taking on a new season. It’s causing me to be introspective and really examine- “what is my purpose now?” “What are my next steps?” “What’s the plan?”

The thing that has been revealed to me over and over is Romans 8:28
“ALL THINGS (literally all the things) work together for GOOD for those who Love God and are called according to His purpose.”

In other words, I can’t screw this up! ALL THINGS means ALL! The plan, the steps, the “how” can change a thousand times. The purpose remains the same.

No thing, no one, no mistake, can take you from Gods purpose for you. There are missteps that can certainly make you take the long way, some details that can be interchanged…but if you’re constantly surrendering your life to His will, your plan to His plans…you won’t blow it. You can’t.

So HOW I fulfill my God given purpose… that can happen a million different ways on a million different days.

Finding you purpose? Now that part isn’t that hard. I’ve always said “whatever breaks your heart- that’s your purpose” but I’ve also recently come to realize. “Your PASSIONS will point you to your purpose” (thank you for that, Pastor Michael Maiden)

Thankful to be free from the prison that is OVERTHINKING.